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Maxfield Parrish Links

There is a great deal of excellent material currently available on the web. This is a very short list of some of our favorite sites.

The Alma Gilbert WEB Site The author of 14 books on Parrish writes about his life. Navigate the website via the "cartoon" picture.

Maxfield Parrish Art Collections Images from Parrish's illustrations to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Poems of Childhood, Arabian Nights and many others

Been Publishing I'm Back Great introduction to MP and a number of his works, gives other references for further study.

Parrish-Prints.com Site by Amanda Barnell who is an artist and writer. She has a number of nice things on her site including some insight on spotting reproductions.

Art Encyclopedia Great list of links to Parrish sites of interest

National Museum of American Illustration Purportedly the largest public collection of Parrish works in existance.

Kunstschaffender.de A clearing house of good Parrish Links

REPRODUCTIONS: Gravy Boat antiques NEVER sells reproductions these sites do. If you are interested you may find them or maybe find out how to avoid them here.


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